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America's 'Scariest Motel'


Room 108

Not so long ago, motels were the best option for the elderly and terminally ill. One such elderly man was the Motel’s very own Front Desk Manager.

One night he was staying in the Motel and became severely unwell. He picked up the phone to call the Front Desk – it rang and rang but no response. He called his sister who dialled 911 but it was too late. He died on his way to the hospital.

When questioned, the Front Desk Agent from that night said the phone never rang and even played back the surveillance footage – which proved the phone never rang. It was almost as though something was trying to stop his calls for help…..


Room 111

Room 111 was the room where a terminally ill man came to live out his final days. Like many elderly motel guests, Doctors had given him a short time to live and he did not wish to burden his family.

Each night the man went to sleep, expecting to never wake up. Again and again he woke up to live another day until eventually – as he told the Motel Staff – he noticed an eerie shadow would appear in his room during the early hours of each morning.

He begged the spirit to take his life, a request he was repeatedly denied.

Overwhelmed with frustration the man shot himself in the Clown Motel car park.


Room 210

Suffering from excruciating back pain while on a long-haul journey, a man from Arizona made a forced-stop at the Clown Motel. It was a physical condition he’d had for many years of frustration, as he failed to find any real medical diagnosis.

For the first morning in many years, when he woke up at the Clown Motel he felt completely different. His back pain has lessened so much he could barely feel any discomfort!

He was so convinced the Motel spirits had cured him, he continued to live there for over six years – and died in this very room where he was cured.


Room 214

Howard Hughes was an eccentric 1970s Texas Billionaire. His close associate Melvin Dummar made a visit to the Motel for an overnight stay and didn’t leave until nearly 3 years later.

It is said that a spirit took a liking to the unsuspecting Mr Dummar and often comes back to this room to see if he has returned. Frustrated he hasn’t found his old friend, this spirit is known to taunt guests by turning lights on and off during the night and many guests have said their personal belongings strangely become hidden or disappear altogether.

Paranormal Activity Disclaimer

By visiting The Clown Motel you acknowledge that you may encounter interaction with spiritual and/or unexplained phenomena and/or other unexplainable, unusual or paranormal activity or interactions which may include risks which may or may not be foreseeable. The Clown Motel will not be held liable for any bodily injury, damage to personal property, emotional distress, death or other harm caused by the aforementioned.

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