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Staff & Guest Experiences

Dedicated to both our team members and guests, giving them an opportunity to share their experiences and the unexplained!
If you have an encounter to share then please get in touch, email


The Clown Motel, Tonopah

Remember to include your name, experience, when and where it took place!

Many of our guests choose not to share their experiences publicly due to personal beliefs or superstition, you may request that an experience is removed from our website at any time.

Why not email us your images?
Remember to send us a description to document your experience!

Paranormal Activity Disclaimer

By visiting The Clown Motel you acknowledge that you may encounter interaction with spiritual and/or unexplained phenomena and/or other unexplainable, unusual or paranormal activity or interactions which may include risks which may or may not be foreseeable. The Clown Motel will not be held liable for any bodily injury, damage to personal property, emotional distress, death or other harm caused by the aforementioned.

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